Wednesday, 27 August 2008


In just the few posts that we've done so far, the blogmixxes have managed to run the gamut of burlesque cabaret rock, death metal, avant-pop, art-glam, noise, skiffle, early country, bluegrass, folk, acoustic blues, electrosexx lo-fi pop, 'antifolk', experimental hip-hop, garage rock, unhinged Albinimess, slow jamz soul, skag rock, seventies MOR, child star teenpop, UK hip-hop, dubstep, industrial-dancehall, tweetronica, hardcore, visual kei, J-hop, psychobilly, goofball punk, goth, post-punk, prog, space rock, Disneymania and sheer fucking bubblegum.

But what I'm enjoying most about this experiment is just how hard it is to actually 'correctly' identify genre when it's mashed and pulped with so many weird juxtapositions here. It really fucks with the tyranny of taste.

I always loved listening to the radio late at night as a kid, and almost hated finding out what the songs were when the DJs broke the mood to talk. I remember loving Kylie's Confide In Me on first listen, and then balking when I found out who it belonged to. There are songs in these mixes that belong to the uncoolest of all bands, but with their edges warping and bleeding into the bleeding edge of modern music, they can sound just as futuristic and awesome.

The mixes are still something I'm getting the hang of, but the people who have heard them so far are loving getting off on the absurdities each one flaunts. I like the way they all sound different - my moods on different days of the week. It's not done for wilful eclecticism as much as a love for different sounds, colours and moods.

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