Sunday, 14 September 2008


Part of the point with the posts was that with each one, I would incrementally give a bit more detail about what I'm doing with the mixes, or at least clues for why I'm doing it. Today, however, I am hungover. Was at a wedding yesterday. So all I will say is that it's kind of interesting to me how despite originally setting out with the intention of creating mixes drawing from all genres and all histories of music, that overwhelmingly the bias is for tunes written and released within my own lifetime (i was born in 1980). Because I wasn't really aware of music much before about 1991, there's a lot of obvious exploration of the decade so ultimately reviled by Prolapse ("The Eighties were CRAP!!! The hairstyles were CRAP!!! The music was CRAP!!!" etc.), but I think on some level I must be clinging to this era because I do only feel like I can properly understand things that occurred in my own lifetime.

Recently I've been working on a collaborative project with a friend, which was originally mooted as being set in a fictional, faraway history, with mangled signifiers running from the 1800s to the 1950s. I found it physically impossible to write in a voice affecting to be that of someone living in the olden days. Instead I've dodged the issue, by writing as much as I can in a voice that sounds like it's something I would say, or one of my friends would say, but obfuscating as much time-sensitive detail as possible. It's going to be a good project. Maybe it's a sign of my limitations as a writer that I can't write in a voice that I don't think in, but also I've never understood why people in their twenties want to pretend they're living in a decade that their parents probably weren't even born in, and in another country. The town I live in is a rockabilly necrophiliarapefest. There's something about contrivance that I just find squeamishly embarrassing.

I'm going to try listening to more old music though.

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