Sunday, 18 January 2009


I'm interested in starting up a new project, purely out of fun and the love of making things, and I really want to find preferably non-musician female poets, spoken word artists or singers to collaborate with.

What I propose is that you send me a wav file (quality or length isn't important, and it can be recorded using just a PC mic, iPod or phone if necessary) of you reading, acting out or singing your writing, whether it be monologue, stream of conciousness, poem, diary entry or part of an acapella song. It can be funny or sad, abstract or literal.

I will take your contribution and set it to music, creating 3 potential arrangements. I will then send the 3 files back to you and you'll pick the one you like the most. This 'song' will then be uploaded to a blog created specially for the project, where everyone or no one can listen to it.

I have a sort-of working-title for the project, but it shouldn't really be thought of as a band or anything (unless it's an imaginary band), just an experiment to see if strangers can make music together blind; an experiment in sound and randomness.

The music isn't strictly post-rock, and I don't generally write song-based structures, more abstract mood pieces using electronics, acoustic and electric guitar, pedals, oscillators, glockenspiel. The reason why I'm interested in collaborating with female artists is because I often like to use quite harsh or unusual sounds and textures, which I think would be counterbalanced in an interesting and non-obvious way with female vocal. I also just really prefer girls voices to guys voices.

If anyone is at all interested in this then please message me because I think it could be loads of fun and really rewarding.


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